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Annunziata Rita - Tour Guide
Viale Domenico Vitali
+39.031.951.637 - +39.335.843.5907
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  • Excursions on the lake
  • Towns and Gardens' visits
  • Weddings trnslations

Write me to receive my itineraries in the area!

Languages:  I - GB - F

Enhance your visit and make the whole area "come to life" by engaging the services of a qualified local guide who will give you an insight into life on the lake coupled with authoritative information on the area.

Italy has a strict licensing policy and in order to qualify as a local guide, examinations are held annually. Examinees sit a written examination in Italian on the history, art and culture of a specific area followed by an oral examination both in Italian and in their chosen foreign language.

Who I am:
I am a Bellagio native but an extensive stay in the UK enabled me to perfect my English and I think I express myself correctly, clearly and in a confident manner. I married a local and have  two children. I have been working in tourism since 1983 and one of my main areas of interest is gardens - My knowledge on plants is second to none!!! I have guided for many US agencies, VIP groups and horticultural tours. A more recent area of specialisation for me is the lecturing field. I maintain a captive audience with my boundless enthusiasm and love for my home town which is contagious….try it!

What you can find nearby (range 500mt)

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