Spring in Bellagio | Promo Bellagio... the Pearl of Lake Como


Spring in Bellagio

Gardens in bloom, first sun and spring colors ...

Come with us to discover the rebirth of nature in Bellagio and Lake Como

This is precisely the time of the year when nature awakens and with it also our desire to live new experiences and spend more time outdoors, immersed in the scents, flavours and bright spring colours, that warm up with the sun our souls slowly abandoning the winter torpor.

Here are our proposals for a SPRINGTIME holiday in Bellagio.

Lunch on the "Salite"

  The sun warms up the spring days and you feel you want to stay outdoors ... So why not take advantage of it and have lunch in one of the traditional...

Desire to learn new things

In spring, the desire to learn new things is reborn: Art, Cuisine, Sailing Do you know the meaning of these phrases or words and in which area they are...

Spring drinks

Nature and spring colours inebriate our lives ... Nature and spring colours inebriate our lives ... It's spring, the air is sweet and the sun peeks...

Wonderful gardens on the lake

Ancient noble villas set on one of the most beloved lakes in the world, with enchanting gardens Ancient noble villas located on the lakeshore of one of the...

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