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Abele Experientia Artis Bellagio

A classical Italian Art Atelier full of  history. Where discover ancient artworks and techniques, see and touch the original gypsum casting of the sculptures in the Villas of the Lake, or reserve the copy of your favourite model.  A place where you can try the techniques used by the great Italian Masters and bring a memorable souvenir with you. 

Bellagio - Tour of the hamlets on the eastern side of Bellagio

If you like walking and you wish to visit the most beautiful hamlets of Bellagio in just a few hours , we suggest you to follow this self guided tour..

Copy of this tour can be found at the promoBellagio office on Piazza della Chiesa ( upper part of the historical centre) and at the Tourist Office on the lake shore.

Duration: Approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes 3 hours if taking extension options.
Starting point: Tourist Information Office
Seightseen and points of interest included in this itinerary:


Lenno - Villa Balbianello

This villa is situated at the end of the Lavedo promontory. It was built in 1787 for Cardinal Angelo Maria Durini who set out to create the most beautiful garden on the Tremezzo Riviera. In the 19th century it became the summer home of Costanza Arconati Visconti who played host to Alessandro Manzoni, Giusti and Berchet. In 1976 the property was bought by the famous explorer Count Guido Monzino who dedicated much effort to restoring the house and its grounds.


Tremezzo - Villa Carlotta

Villa Carlotta was built at the end of XVII century by the Milanese marquis Giorgio Clerici in a natural basin between lake and mountains.
The architect created an important but sober building, with an Italian garden decorated with sculptures, stairs and fountains.
It was with Gian Battista Sommariva, the following owner, that the property in Tremezzo attained the summit of its splendour.


Bellagio - Walk around the suburbs of Bellagio

This itinerary lets you get to know several characteristic suburbs of Bellagio leaving from the historical centre of the town.In just a few hours you will be able to see both side of the Lake ( Como and Lecco ) and to understand the central position of Bellagio.Downolad the file here attached for more information.

Copies of this itinerary are available at the PromoBellagio office and at the Tourism Office


Bellagio - Historical tour & itinerary of the central part of the town

The 22 suburbs scattered over the vast area of land stretching from the lakeside (229m above sea level) to the top of Mt. San Primo (1,686m above sea level) are all part of Bellagio. The “Borgo” is the town’s historic centre and was one of the first areas; in Bellagio to be inhabited.
This itinerary will help the visitor to find out more about this main part of town.

Copies of this itinerary are available at the PromoBellagio office and at the Tourism Office


Blown glass

Through Italy is a relatively new contributor to the world of ornament making, its whimsical creations have become highly collectable as fine example of the glass blowers craft.Venice has produced glass in Venice and Murano for many centuries using techniques that were passed down from ancient Greece and Egypt. Their goblets, glass sculptures, and technical glass pieces were blown, and today continue to be formed, from solid masses of molten glass.


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