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Bellagio Trekking Route 39

Brogno – Nuvolone Viewpoint – Martina Refuge - S. Primo Peak – Bocchetta Terrabiotta
Starting Point: Brogno
Elevation gain: 1089 m 
Elevation loss: - 311 m
Total time: 4h 15 min. -
Difficulty: EE = for experienced hikers. 
The trail may be slippery. Use suitable footwear. 

Bellagio Trekking Route 16

Vassena - Civenna - PianoRancio - Alpe Spessola
Starting Point: Vassena
Elevation gain: 1150 m 
Total time: 3h 40 min 
Difficulty: E = medium difficulty hike
The route may be slippery. Use suitable footwear
Vassena is a hamlet in the municipality of Oliveto Lario, which you can reach by bus on the Lecco-Bellagio route or by boat from Bellagio to Lecco.

Bellagio Trekking Route 5

S. Giovanni - Vergonese - Brogno - Chévrio
Starting point: S. Giovanni
Elevation gain: 390 m 
Total time: 1h 5 min 
Difficulty: E = easy hike
Leave your car in the car park in S. Giovanni ,2 kilometres from the village of Bellagio, which you can also reach by bus (the route to Como) and by boat during summer.

Bellagio Trekking Route 2

Visgnola – Makallè Viewpoint - Chèvrio - Regina Pacis - Cascina Giacinta - Sasso Lentina - Parco Monte S. Primo - Alpe Spessola
Punto di partenza: Visgnola
Dislivello in salita: 1040 m 
Tempo totale impiegato: 4h 45 min 
Difficoltà: E = escursionistico facile

Bellagio Trekking Route 1

Guggiate - Brogno - Rovenza - S. Primo Park - Bocchetta di Terrabiotta
Starting Point: Guggiate
Elevation gain: 1155 m  
Total time: 4h 
Difficulty: E = easy hike
Follow the provincial lakeside road for Como from the village of Bellagio for one and a half kilometres (you can also take the bus) until you come to the hamlet of Guggiate where Route 1 begins.

Bellagio - Tour of the hamlets on the eastern side of Bellagio

If you like walking and you wish to visit the most beautiful hamlets of Bellagio in just a few hours , we suggest you to follow this self guided tour..

Copy of this tour can be found at the promoBellagio office on Piazza della Chiesa ( upper part of the historical centre) and at the Tourist Office on the lake shore.

Duration: Approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes 3 hours if taking extension options.
Starting point: Tourist Information Office
Seightseen and points of interest included in this itinerary:


Bellagio - Walk around the suburbs of Bellagio

This itinerary lets you get to know several characteristic suburbs of Bellagio leaving from the historical centre of the town.In just a few hours you will be able to see both side of the Lake ( Como and Lecco ) and to understand the central position of Bellagio.Downolad the file here attached for more information.

Copies of this itinerary are available at the PromoBellagio office and at the Tourism Office


Bellagio - Historical tour & itinerary of the central part of the town

The 22 suburbs scattered over the vast area of land stretching from the lakeside (229m above sea level) to the top of Mt. San Primo (1,686m above sea level) are all part of Bellagio. The “Borgo” is the town’s historic centre and was one of the first areas; in Bellagio to be inhabited.
This itinerary will help the visitor to find out more about this main part of town.

Copies of this itinerary are available at the PromoBellagio office and at the Tourism Office


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