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Current Situation Bellagio

Can Bellagio be visited? Are there any traffic problems? In the last few days we have received numerous requests for information on the current situation on Lake Como ...

To help you understand, here under you can find the answers to the most commonly asked questions:

Can we come to Bellagio?
Of course, you are and will always be welcome. Fortunately Bellagio has not been affected by bad weather and has not suffered any damage, the accommodation facilities, restaurants, attractions and services are all open and ready to welcome you.

How can I get to Bellagio?
Traffic lights and alternating one-way street might cause some traffic congestion on the road from Como to Bellagio. Our suggestion is, whenever possible, to reach Bellagio driving on the Lecco branch

Are the ferries opertaing?
Yes, the ferries and boats are operating. On Saturday July 31st some boats around Como are suspended due to the large amount of floating debris. Removal is in progress

What exactly happened on Lake Como?
Bad weather and heavy rains at the beginning of the week caused some floods and landslides. Fortunately,no one was injured.
The most affected areas have been closed for safety reasons and to allow the removal of debris.

How is the situation on the lake now?
In the last three days, thanks to the commitment of citizens, administrations and volunteers, relief efforts have been promptly organized.To date, almost all the main roads have been reopened to traffic and work is being done to reopen those still missing


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