The festival Città dei Balocchi is back in Como | Promo Bellagio... the Pearl of Lake Como

The festival Città dei Balocchi is back in Como

From 23rd November to 6th January, the 26th edition of the well-known Christmas festival, a landmark event for Como.

What best occasion to discover this beautiful city?

Como is located in the extreme South of the western branch of the namesake lake.

Here, history, art, nature and science are harmoniously tied together and make Como a unique city.

An 3km itinerary on the lake shore takes us from Villa Geno, on the eastern side of the bay, to Villa Olmo, on the Western side. Along this path, we find several highlights of the city of Como: Piazza Cavour facing the lake and just behind it the splendid Duomo; “Life Electric” on the Diga Foranea pier, a sculpture which the American architect Daniel Libeskind donated to Como; the Tempio Voltiano, a museum dedicated to a renowned Como citizen, Alessandro Volta, the inventor of the electric battery; the War Memorial, designed by rationalist architect Antonio Sant’Elia; eventually, Como Aereo Club, the most ancient organization and school of seaplanes in the world. 

Several events throughout the year make Como a lively city. You cannot really miss a visit during Christmas time. For 25 years, Città dei Balocchi has been spreading the Christmas spirit throughout Como. Skate on the ice rink in Piazza Cavour and visit Christmas markets where local and artisan products are sold. 
The highlight of the festival is certainly the breathtaking Magic Light Festival, which lights up Piazza Cavour and Teatro Sociale, but also cultural and artistic sites on tha Lake . Young and old will be enchanted by the music, fairy lights and images sparkling the historical buildings. Città dei Balocchi is much more…children entertainments, concerts and guided tours to nativity scenes.
For more information about Como and Città dei Balocchi:


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