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Japanese Maple Tree Exibithion Villa Melzi

Japanese Maple Tree Exibithion at Villa Melzi's Garden

From Saturday 20th October to Sunday 4th November, a group of Japanese maples will be exhibited in the Gardens of Villa Melzi d'Eril.
The most beautiful and the most colorful of the specimens of the Collection will be placed in different spaces of particular landscape value
The collection:
Acer japonicum: 'Aconitifolium'.
Acer palmatum: 'Aureum' - 'Bloodgood' - 'Higasayama' - 'Garnet' - 'Green Lace' - 'Inaba-shidare' -
'Masukagami' - 'Oridono- nishiki'- 'Red Autumn Lace' - 'Red Flash' - 'Shigitatsu-sawa' ('Reticulatum') - var.
dissectum 'Dissectum Viride' - var. dissectum 'Ornatum'.
Acer shirasawanum: 'Aureum' - 'Jordan'.
Opening hours: from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm

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