Train Line interruption

The Milan-Lecco-Sondrio-Tirano railway line remains closed between Lierna and Bellano due to the landslide that occurred on Friday, May 19th.
From Monday, May 22nd, until further notice, the following measures are in place and are valid every day, including Saturdays and holidays :
• From Milan Central towards Sondrio/Tirano
Trains run regularly between Milan Central and Lierna, stopping at all stations between Lecco and Lierna.From Milan, customers travelling to Valtellina MUST get off at Lecco, where replacement bus services are available: Lecco-Colico for those who need to travel to Valtellina and Lecco-Bellano-Varenna for those who need to reach Lake Como;
• From Tirano/Sondrio towards Milan Central
Trains run between Sondrio/Tirano and Bellano, stopping at all stations between Sondrio and Bellano.
Customers travelling to Lecco or Milan MUST get off at Colico and use buses to Lecco, where they will find all the rail connections to Milan and Bergamo, or to Lierna. In Lecco, customers travelling to Milan can also use the S8 line to Porta Garibaldi with trains departing every half hour at .06 and .36 minutes past the hour.
In collaboration with Navigazione Laghi, boat trips have been established that connect Lierna, Varenna and Bellano.
The Bellano-Varenna route takes 17 minutes; the Varenna-Lierna route takes 23 minutes. The entire journey takes 40 minutes. The Bellano and Lierna railway stations are about ten minutes’ walk from the docks.
Please note that only the trains/buses listed in this provisional timetable are running, which suspends, until further notice, what is reported in the “timetable” and “timetable search” sections of the website and App.
Some useful information for travelling during this emergency period:
• Bus travel times depend on traffic conditions;
• Trains from Colico to Valtellina will depart at the scheduled time to ensure the regularity of the single-track
• Long waits may occur at Colico towards Milan and Lecco towards Valtellina;
• The train numbers may vary from those reported in the attachments;
• There may be some slight timetable changes due to the infrastructure manager’s needs.
Customers are invited, before travelling, to consider all these possible variables

update 23rd May

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