Train Strike

Sunday 15 May 2022: Trenord traveling personnel strike

From 03:00 on Sunday 15 May to 02:00 on Monday 16 May 2022, a strike
was called.
The trade union agitation may generate repercussions for the Regional, Suburban
and Airport service.
As the strike will take place on a public holiday, there are no guarantee time slots.
Trenord does not recommend traveling all day on Sunday 15 May.
If the Malpensa Express trains are cancelled, bus routes will be set up for the airport
connections only:
• between Milan Cadorna and Malpensa Airport T1 , without intermediate stops
(from Milan Cadorna buses will depart from via Paleocapa 1).
• between Stabio and Malpensa Airport T1 , without intermediate stops.
More details will be available on the site or by following the updates on
train traffic in real time through our App.
Please pay attention to the sound announcements in the stations and the information
scrolling on the monitors.

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