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Bellagio's Cuisine

A visit to Bellagio isn't just about admiring its natural beauty or learning more on the town's history - it's also about giving your taste buds a treat, savouring the different flavours of its cuisine and relishing its aromas.

The lake with its fish, and the surrounding hills, mountains and land with their cheeses, salamis and meat-based specialities, offer tasty and genuine products that are a true gastronomic delight.

Why not try some bresaola (thinly sliced air-dried beef), "Missoltini" fish (sun-dried Coregon preserved in oil), pasta with White Lake Fish eggs, fish-filled ravioli, rice with fillets of Perch and, in the mountain areas, of course, game and Polenta "Uncia"(polenta with butter, cheese, garlic and sage).

Needless to say, it all has to be washed down with our local red or white wines!!

All these specialities and much more can be found in more than 22 restaurants all over Bellagio's territory.

Bellagio's restaurants span all levels from the traditional family-run ones to the refined gourmet ones. Each and every one is able to satisfy all palates, even the most demanding ones.


We invite you to try and test them!!



Carlo Cranchi was born in Bellagio where he still lives. Like many of those who have an innate passion for their profession, he still works in spite of the fact that he is retired. Living in such a charming place as Bellagio, he has certainly never lacked inspiration!

Bellagio prides itself on the fact that since 1989, Carlo is President (as well as consultant) of the Province of Como's Association of Chefs as well Master Chef and Treasurer of the Italian Federation of Chefs.


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