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Angolo delle idee

L' Angolo delle Idee was born in 2021 from the creativity of Anita, a skilled glass craftsman and decorator.
The thirty-year know-how, as well as the loyalty of many customers, including international ones, has led to the recent opening of this store located in the historic center of Bellagio, next to the Basilica of San Giacomo, in a landscape that makes it particular and unique in its kind.
Anita’s craft activity is typical of the territory and consists in designing, creating and decorating Christmas decorations in blown glass: the famous spheres and figurines, hand-decorated with traditional Christmas themes. All this is also possible thanks to the collaboration with a local company leader in the production of these objects made in Italy.
In addition, the creative activity is flanked by a production of small objects in fusionglass such as plates, jars, frames etc. and small glass jewelry, which sees the collaboration of skilled Italian craftsmen, including the "Velia Art" laboratory in Pistoia.

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Angolo delle idee

Via Roma 25 Bellagio

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