Discover Lake Como

Italy offers a wonderful series of lakes, which have always attracted tourists and visitors. These ancient glacial lakes vary from the great expanses of Lake Garda (370 sq. km) to the tiny lakes of Olginate and Segrino (less than a single square kilometer each). 

Lake Como is the richest of Italy’s three major lakes in terms of charm and culture. Its unmistakable upturned Y shape was carved out by a glacier that was forced to split into two by the mountain that stood in its path. The lake offers the visitor the longest and most indented coastline of all the Italian  lakes (170 km) as well as some of the most delightful natural, architectural gems of the entire peninsular.
Lake Como is a true oasis of beauty where history, art, culture and nature merge to create a unique harmony in the world.   

Thanks to its geographical position, to its favorable climate and the beauty of the environment that surrounds it, lake Como has been for centuries the destination of vacations of famouspeople from all over the world, starting from Roman patricians, up to the nobles families of the Renaissance, from  the rich heiresses to nowadays Hollywood stars. It preserves intact the memory of that shining epoch in which it represented one of the most exclusive, elegant and aristocrats places of vacation in Italy. 
Lucky for us the numerous villas that were built at that time, still embellish our lake, some are nowadays still used as private residences, others opened to the public as those mentioned in our article on the villas and gardens.   

But visitors don’t come to lake Como only for the magnificent villas and gardens, they also find numerous paths and itineraries that bring to discover the mountains that surround the lake and that raise  to its sides up to reach 2609 meters of altitude of the Legnone mountain,  offering the possibility to amateurs and professionals to enjoy magnificent views.
Aquatic sport and open-air activities gives the possibility to visitors to come into direct contact with the surrounding nature and they allow seeing the lake from different views, from the lake, from the top of a mountain or from the two wheels of a bike.  

Not to forget also the deep union between kitchen and territory that express itself in fish dishes and typical mountain products, united to create a unique harmony. 
Lake Como is this and other, come to discover it with your eyes and we are certain that you will fall in love with all of lake Como has to offer you.

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