Taxfree Shopping

In Bellagio it is convenient to go shopping!

In Bellagio you can go shopping in the historic center, admire the local beauties and save money!

If you are also part of those who love shopping and can not return home without a souvenir or a high fashion item you should know that many shops in Bellagio operate VAT refund (Value Added Tax), a 22% value-added tax included in the price of most goods and services.

Non-EU residents who spend more than €155 at one shop at a single time can claim a refund when leaving the EU. The refund only applies to purchases from stores that display a ‘Tax Free’ sign. When making the purchase, ask for a tax-refund voucher, to be filled in with the date of the purchase and its value. When leaving the EU, get this voucher stamped at customs and take it to the nearest tax-refund counter where you’ll get an immediate refund, either in cash or charged to your credit card

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