Bellagio Trekking Route 5 | Promo Bellagio... the Pearl of Lake Como

Bellagio Trekking Route 5

S. Giovanni - Vergonese - Brogno - Chévrio
Starting point: S. Giovanni
Elevation gain: 390 m 
Total time: 1h 5 min 
Difficulty: E = easy hike
Leave your car in the car park in S. Giovanni ,2 kilometres from the village of Bellagio, which you can also reach by bus (the route to Como) and by boat during summer.
Walk through the hamlet of S. Giovanni where we suggest you visit the parish church and stop in the square to admire the view over the lake. From the church square take the road up to the right of the Mella – Ittiturismo restaurant. After around 100 m, at a 19th century cross turn right onto via al Crotto.
Continue and, after crossing a little bridge, take the mule track uphill on the right. Once you reach the Bellagio - Como, provincial road, cross the road, keep right and go up the steps to Via per Vergonese. You will come to the little church of Vergonese and then continue past the houses in the hamlet. ( on the left the route ( trail sign 15) take to Mulini del Perlo )Take the mule track uphill between two dry stone walls. The trail leads to the little valley of the Brogno stream , amidst woods and bushes, until it meets an unpaved road that leads uphill from Mulini del Perlo (Route 1). Turn right onto the unpaved road until you come to the houses in Brogno.
Follow the asphalted road until you come to the small bridge above the stream Perlo and after a while you reach the asphalted provincial road. Following the provincial road after 50 meters, on the left, is a little road that leads up to Chevrio, from where you can return to Bellagio via Route 2 leading uphill on the left.

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Bellagio Trekking Route 5

San Giovanni Bellagio

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