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Studio Bertolio - Accountant

Studio Bertolio offers corporate, tax, contractual and employment consultancy services; book-keeping and drawing up of financial statements, balance sheet analysis; evaluations and estimates of assets, equity and companies.

  • Sworn technical surveys; preparation and telematic sending of tax declarations (income tax return: P.F., S.P. and S.C. forms, 730 form, council tax and 770 declarations)
  • assistance and implementation of financial office and social security processes
  • staff management; preparation and printing of wage slips, preparation and telematic sending of INPS (national insurance) contributions, INAIL self-assessments and cumulative F24 forms

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Studio Bertolio - Accountant

Via Valassina 51 - 22021 Bellagio CO
Tel +39.031.915.271

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