Art exibithion

10am-12pm - 2.30pm- 6 pm

The exhibition “The path along the river” by the painter Claudio Pittore Marangoni arrives in Bellagio, at the Torre delle Arti Exhibition Center

The exhibited art pieces propose the scenery of the lands and valleys along the river. A particular world, rich in nuances that Claudio Marangoni portrays with elegance. In his views the artist seems to establish a privileged relationship with nature, capturing its shudders and sighs. Here, the places portrayed become sound and tactile landscapes from time to time.

Dwelling in front of a painting by Claudio Marangoni therefore ensures an emotional experience that leads to a symbiosis with this land of irresistible charm. Visitors to the exhibition will therefore be captivated by the suggestions of the River where the water merges with the sky and the light creates enchanting reflections.

Lago di Como inLombardia Comune di Bellagio