Botanical Treasure Hunt

from 10am to 7pm

On Monday 10th April at the Gardini di Villa Melzi in Bellagio the traditional appointment with the Caccia al Tesoro Botanico (Botanical Treasure Hunt) promoted by the network Grandi Giardini Italiani, the network of the most beautiful gardens in Italy that attract hundreds of Italian and foreign tourists every year for the refinement of the species preserved, the beauty of the green architecture and the historical importance of the locations in which they are set.

At the entrance to the garden, each participant will receive a map and a list of questions to help them find the 5 treasures, and can enjoy the search with their family or independently. What colour links Dante Alighieri and the cedronella butterfly? What do the goddess of the soul Psyche, the camellias of Villa Melzi and the beautiful IO butterfly have in common? … and more: exercises in spontaneity, creativity, concentration and balance in one of Italy’s most beautiful gardens.

To take part, just turn up at the Giardini di Villa Melzi ticket office on the day of the event. The Botanical Treasure Hunt is included in the garden entrance ticket.

Lago di Como inLombardia Comune di Bellagio