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Business before pleasure


More and more often we travel for work, we take part in fairs and congresses that last several days ... so why don't you postpone returning to work for a few days and take advantage of the trip to take a few days off?

Are you in Milan for a congress? A fair? Or in Turin? Lake Como is located in a privileged position in the northern part of the Italian peninsula and is the ideal place to forget the stress accumulated in hectic city days and relax in a peaceful environment.

Bellagio, located right in the central part of the lake nestled between its waters and the mountain, can be easily reached both by public transport and private transport, offers accommodation of different styles and different categories as well as  numerous activities for the time free, visits to villas and gardens, sports activities, relaxation and spa ... it is the ideal place to retire for a few days and relax before returning to everyday life.

Do you want to take advantage of it further? Invite the rest of the family to join you and turn a business trip into a family vacation!

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