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The bust of the Duke

An artwork enriches the Villa Melzi gardens 

A visit to Villa Melzi gardens is not only a botanical visit with trees and flowers from all over the world, like cedar trees from the Atlantic, cinnamomum camphora, Japanese maples, sequoias, palm trees from Chile. It is also a visit of historical and cultural interest with artworks and statues from different periods, enriched by a recent one, made by the local sculptor Abele Vadacca: the bust of Duke Tommaso Fulco Gallarati Scotti, a distinguished intellectual and diplomat, who contributed a lot to Italy and to culture, and who loved this area in a special way.

The actual owners of Villa Melzi, the family Gallarati Scotti, commissioned the artwork and thanks to the stories told by the actual owner, Prince Fulco Gallarati Scotti, the artist was able to gain a precise impression about this man and his life.

The artist started with a marble block from the Apuan Alps, that he expertly carved right in the gardens of Villa Melzi in order to better identify with the environment the Duke had loved so much; this way the artist wants to show through his artwork all the love for this magical place.


The artwork was placed permanently in the marvelous frame of one of the most beautiful settings of lake Como.


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