Desire to learn new things | Promo Bellagio... the Pearl of Lake Como

Desire to learn new things

In spring, the desire to learn new things is reborn:

Art, Cuisine, Sailing

Do you know the meaning of these phrases or words and in which area they are used?

  • Lower the sails, ready to turn! Ready to splay!
  • Cook al dente, flambé, lard
  • Sketches, gipsofilia, scapezzin
It is really true that you never stop learning in your lifetime; enriching your knowledge means enriching your personality and individuality!
In Bellagio you will have the opportunity to enrich your knowhow with many experiences whether artistic, culinary to amaze your loved ones and friends with avant-garde dishes, or sports, to raise the adrenaline and discover the lake from the best point of view , the lake itself.
You will learn new terminologies, new pictorial and artistic techniques and test your spirit of adventure.
So what are you waiting for, book the experience that most intrigues you and be always ready to learn, up to 100 years!

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