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Food & Wine

Ideas for eating well

Knowing a place means knowing its aromas and flavors because food is deeply linked to tradition and culture and it is only through the taste that you can deeply enter the spirit of the place ...

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the local cuisine and get to know Bellagio through dishes related to its territory or modern reinterpretations of ancient traditions? 




The flavors of Bellagio  Trattorias, Michelin-starred and modern restaurants  Are you looking for a place for a fast lunch, a special dinner or an...


Wine perfume strolling through the streets of the village  Along the cobbled streets the scent of wine is vigorous but at the same time sweet, a riot of...

Bars and coffee

Sit down to have a coffee, a glass of wine or just an ice-cream ... the right way to enjoy the atmosphere of the place Start your day with a good cup of...

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