Gingerbread cookies with Jessica

Gingerbread Cookies Workshop

Decorating  cookies with royal icing.

Special guest Jessica Trabucchi, event planner who will share the recipe with us and show us the various steps.

During the workshop you will then have a snack with hot tea, cakes and various sweets

Sunday 19th December

 from 14.00 to 17.00

Dispensa 63, Salita Cavour 15, Bellagio

Participants: a maximum of 10 people will be present


– Welcome, presentation and supply of the material

– Show cooking of the preparation of the dough: we will see the recipe, ingredients and steps together

– Each participant is provided with the dough loaf that everyone will work, roll out and shape with various molds of various Christmas shapes, to then be baked

– Explanation and show cooking of the creation of the royal ice

– Biscuit decoration

– Convivial snack all together

– Greetings and delivery of the cookies made

The cost per person is € 40.00

Telephone booking at 334 9411539 and email

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