Light projections

Lights on from 5pm

“Living Trees/Frames of Nature is the first installation of the project “Storie di Bellagio”, a narrative adventure undertaken by PromoBellagio to underline the spaces, the corners, the most beautiful views of the village and its hamlets with experiences of light. A project in continuous growth and expansion, which will involve the hearts and minds of the inhabitants of Bellagio, its visitors and tourists, who will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in stories, events and scenes from the past, surrounded by the magic of the town.

Living Trees/Frames of Nature is a dive into the nature of Bellagio, magically represented by the municipal park with a collection of botanical species from all over the world, just like the tourist attendance, international and heterogeneous, that animates the town throughout the year.”

M&T and Como Lighting studied an “emotional journey” that accompanies visitors through the park, emphasizing some of the most important natural elements with light and colour effects on the theme of Water and Fire: the blue of the water, the natural element that borders the town making it so unique and fascinating, the lake that “isolates” and at the same time strengthens the community, unites it – as a waterway- to the adjacent communities, mixes with the red of the fire, which represents the ardour of Bellagio’s society, relationships, exchanges, emotions, culture and stories.

An installation respectful of the town and the environment that makes the urban space enjoyable and well-lit.

Lighting elements made in Como, low consumption, with latest generation LED technology.

Event organized  with the contribution of the Lombardy region

Lago di Como inLombardia Comune di Bellagio