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Bellagio Experience, a special guide to improve your “business climate”, generating sustainable impact.

The “corporate climate” is something that cannot be regulated with the thermostat. It takes time and strategy. Empathy, enthusiasm and ideas are needed. And above all, we need paths. Not only in the literal sense (as they say for the trekking paths), but also in a metaphorical sense. Paths that allow the group to orient themselves, to be guided towards a common destination. A destination that must be reached together. These are the paths that Bellagio Experience organizes, with the guides of Corefab benefit company: professionals  ranging from tourist guides and mid-mountain guides, chefs and sommeliers, each one is essential to reach different paths with common and impactful results for the well-being of the group.

Bellagio Experience guides its groups through memorable team building experiences, both indoors and outdoors, creating opportunities for colleagues and collaborators. Ways that allow you to increase knowledge and share your skills in the group context. Among these we include:


  • #DrinknDraw: we tell a story through the creation of a wine label. A special wine, which represents the company;
  • #FoodieTales: teams of aspiring chefs will help create a symphony of dishes and recipes, with a secret and special ingredient that will nevertheless be the foundation of their work. Will you be able to recognize it?
  • #LaSvista: Taking care of our neighbor of our first colleague is not easy. Knowing how to do this is not obvious. How to do it? Let’s start from scratch: in the dark, for example.
  • #RockYourTeam: You don’t need to be in tune to write a corporate jingle. However, it is essential to be a team. And each have their own role.


  • #HeadingToTheOlympics: We prepare for our Olympics, without having to wait four years. Ours are always organized. Ours are collaboration Olympics. And anyone can participate.
  • #SurvivalGames: We won’t ask you to survive in a deserted oasis. But we will ask you to survive an emergency situation: with the sole intention of putting yourself in difficulty, but together. 🙂
  • #RideYourTeam: whether it’s a group excursion or a treasure hunt, you can cover more important distances by bike. And it is easier than once again that everyone’s support is needed to get to the destination.
  • #TreasureHunt: are you sure you can last a few hours without electronic devices? Without GPS? Without the elusive Google Maps? Well, give it a try, in a treasure hunt with far more complex trials than the toughest “puzzle week”.

Contact the Bellagio Experience team for a suggestion, a comparison, a short conversation: we will also be able to guide you in choosing the best path for your team, for your company. And we will be able to help you in the total organization of your event. And we are confident that the climate, your business climate, will benefit in the short and long term. We are sure of it.

Bellagio Experience is a trademark of Corefab srl benefit company. Our company has two locations, one in Milan (Cormano), the other in Bellagio. Both suitable for hosting groups and perfect theaters for your activities. Both are surrounded by many other locations with which COREFAB already collaborates to achieve your business goals.

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