Latteria di Bellagio

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We produce and sell

  • cream
  • fresh butter
  • fat cheese
  • semigrassi cheese and meager cheese
  • fresh and seasoned cheese
  • ricotta
  • fresh homemade yogurt

The cooperative was formed in 1933 and began operating in 1934 with the aim of collecting and processing the milk produced in the stables of the members (all farmers) and marketing of the products. The cooperative has never stopped working since 1934.The dairy has undergone several technological changes to improve product quality while keeping unchanged the production technology and therefore the genuineness of the products. Please remember that  in the dairy is processed exclusively milk produced by members of the cooperative, currently 9. The farms are small, all located in the territory of the Larian Triangle and in total about 200 cows are raised.. Almost all the cows for 6/7 summer months are kept outdoor on pasture with the result that the milk pro is of excellent quality for the transformation.

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Latteria di Bellagio
Via Volta 36 - 22021 Bellagio CO
Tel. +39.031.950.423

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