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This Villa is situated in Loveno, hamlet of Menaggio and is a splendid 19th century dwelling from which one can see one of the finest views of Lake Como.


The parkcreated by the the landscape architect Giuseppe Balzaretto in around 1860,  extends like an amphitheatre over about 8 hectares (20 acres) and represents one of the finest example of romantic gardens to be found in Lombardy. While walking through Maritime Pines, Maple trees, Cypresses, great Cedars of Lebanon and an ample variety of essence plants, statues and small temples you get the impression of being immersed in an oasis of peace and beauty which you would never wish to leave.

The villa was acquired and partially rebuilt in 1829 by the German industrialist and benefactor of the arts Henry Mylius. He transformed it into a meeting place for German and Italian artists and writers. Thanks to the care taken by his descendents, the house was enriched as the years went by with art treasures becoming a sort of house-museum. Left to the Federal German Republic by the last proprietor, the writer, dandy and landscape artist, Ignazio Vigoni, the villa has become the seat of the Italo-German Centre which holds there conventions, seminars and other manifestations.


The park can be visited on Thursday afternoons solely by previous booking and compatibly with the conference programme.


Guided tours on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 2.30 pm and lasts an hour, they will be available until the 11/08 only

The Villa will be closed in the following months: December, January, February and August



€10 (the fee is descounted for minors, students e retiree)

Meet at the reception desk.
 Reservation is mandatory  0344361232

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Menaggio - Villa Mylius Vigoni
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