Bellagio Trekking 8

Visgnola – Makallè Viewpoint – Chèvrio – Regina Pacis – Cascina Giacinta – Sasso Lentina – Parco Monte S. Primo – Alpe Spessola

Technical information

Starting point: Visgnola
Elevation gain: 1040 m
Route time excluding stops: 4h 45 min
Difficulty: E = escursionistico facile


Leave your car in the church square in Visgnola, 2 kilometres from the village of Bellagio (you can also reach by Visgnola by bus, on the route to Lecco or Asso).

Leave the square heading west and return along the provincial road (via Valsassina) towards Ghisallo –Asso – Erba. After 80 m, take the steps on your left (trail sign 2). The route leads steeply uphill through the meadows and wood, following the red and white trail sign. When you come out of the wood and reach the Elisa Farmstead, pay attention to the trail, which deviates, on the flat, towards the left. After around 100 m turn right and go back through the meadow, following the sign for Chevrio.

After climbing over some very easy low rocks, you come to an unpaved road, which you follow uphill. Walk besides the green fence on the left and then a retaining wall. After 400 m on the right is the Makallè viewpoint, where you can enjoy a splendid view of the centre of Lake Como. Follow the unpaved road, past the Baita Belvedere restaurant and descend to the hamlet of Chevrio .Pass the little chapel and the drinking fountain, and continue straight up the asphalt road to the provincial road. Turn right and descend for about 200 metres. At house number 206 turn left and take an unpaved road bordered by fences (trail sign 2). Continue uphill, past some villas and the Gallasco farmsteads, until you reach the provincial road at the little Regina Pacis church Turn left onto the provincial road and come to via Mora (on your right), which is an asphalt road leading uphill. Continue to where the road ends at a farmstead (with a fresco of the Virgin Mary). The route continues to the left on a ‘false flat’ bordered by bushes. It then comes out at the Barco farmstead, where you turn left at the fork, leading to a mule track from Civenna where you turn right. Follow this mule track to the Giacinta farmstead where there is a brass tap you can drink from. Follow the trail that continues gently uphill through the woods, passing the gates until you come to the final part of the trail, Pietra Lentina, the largest erratic boulder of the Lake Como triangle (If you wish, half way along the trail, you can make a detour to the left towards PietraLuna / pian Rancio).Opposite Pietra Lentina, to the left, is a trail leading from the provincial road through the pine forest, which continues halfway down the mountain and comes out near an ENEL (electricity board) pole, in the Genzianella Hotel – Mount S. Primo car park along the provincial road leading from Pian Rancio. Keep walking direction S.Primo Mount and 300 meters after passing the hotel, take the road to the left and pass the crossroad continuing into the woods along an unpaved road. The road turns into a path that descends slightly to a little house, pass the house and take the path to the right (the path on the left leads to the Anna Maria Refuge at Piano Rancio). Continue uphill through the beech wood, past the beautiful old ice house surrounded by beech trees and continue high above the abandoned houses of the Alpe di Magreglio. The trail climbs gently with some curves, keep to the left until you reach the fork where you meet Route 1 from S. Primo. Stay low to the left and continue into the woods halfway until after a few valleys, you get into a meadow where you meet Route16 from Piano Rancio to the left. Continue turning right until you reach the unpaved road which connect Colma di Sormano with the top of Monte San Primo, you are on the “Dorsale” Brunate / Bellagio – Route 1. At the crossroad you can choose whether to turn left and descend to Alpe Spessola and then continue to Colma di Sormano or take uphill on the right towards Bocchetta di Terrabiotta from where it is possible to reach the peak of Mount S. Primo or descend to Park S. Primo

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Visgnola - 22021 Bellagio CO
Tel. +39.031.951.555

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