Bellagio Trekking 6

Civenna – Güss – Villa Mora – Civenna

Technical information

Starting point: Civenna (CO), Piazza Milano, altitude 625 m
Arrival point: Civenna (CO), Piazza Milano, altitude 625 m
Elevation gain: 282 m
Elevation loss: 289 m
Maximum altitude reached: 815 m
Overall distance covered: 6.5 km
Route time excluding stops: approx. 2 hours 15 minutes
Difficulty: T/E (tourist/hiker level)
Recommended period: all year round
Type of route: circular route on paths and dirt roads and low-traffic asphalt roads
Water along the route: no
Recommended paper maps:
  • Trail map, Larian Triangle Mountain Community – scale 1:25000
  • Lake Como, Global-Map – scale 1:35000
Shelters/Support points outside of built-up areas:
  • Giarabub Farm, Costa Prada – Bellagio.
Waypoints along the track:
  • 01_1 Civenna, Piazza Milano – departure and arrival


The route departure point is in Civenna in Piazza Milano, with parking facilities in nearby Via Cermenati.
From the square, follow the provincial road towards the right (northbound).
A little further on, turn left into Via Roma and pass a washhouse.
Immediately after the washhouse, take the steps on the right, Via Prà del Calice.
At the crossroads with the asphalt road, continue straight uphill, staying on Via Prà del Calice and ignoring two turnings on the right.
At the junction with Via degli Alpini, marked by signs, turn right and follow directions for GÜSS.
A little further on, cross a meadow, continuing straight ahead and passing in front of some derelict farmhouses.
Return to the forest, following SENTIERO 3.
Once out of the forest, cross a wide meadow, walking alongside a fence.
You are now in Güss.
Go through a gate (which must be closed because there may be grazing animals).
The path continues on a flat meadow.
When you reach a house, walk past it.
Here, on the left is a 350-year-old beech tree.
After the ancient beech tree, turn left towards the forest.
The path now becomes wider and leads into the fir tree and birch forest.
At a clearing, continue downhill, turning right.
Re-enter the forest and turn left, following signs for SANTISSIMA – TRONCA – CIVENNA – SENTIERO 3.
Ignore the two signs on a birch tree and turn right into the forest.
At the first fork, turn right and follow signs for SENTIERO 3.
Continue downhill.
A little further on is ‘Giarabub’ Farm, where the path ends on a dirt road.
At the dirt road, turn right.
Stay on the road (Via Mora), which later becomes asphalted, and turn right at the crossroads, following signs for VIA SORRISO – CASCINA GORLA – CIVENNA 2.
A little further on, turn right into Via Sorriso.
Then turn left into Via Plinio (dirt road), following signs for CIVENNA.
Further on, the panorama opens up onto Lake Como (Lecco branch) and the surrounding mountains.
The road becomes asphalted.
At Via Provinciale, from where you can enjoy great panoramic views, turn right. 100 metres further on, turn right into Via Marazza.
Continue uphill following signs for CIVENNA CENTRE and stay on Via Marazza.
Continue downhill on Via Caravina.
Turn left and descend the staircase of Via Prà del Calice, which we also took on the outward journey.
At the bottom of the stairs, turn left into Via Roma.
Cross Via Provinciale, turn right and continue as far as Piazza Milano.

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