Bellagio Trekking 4

Bellagio – Brogno – Belvedere di Makallé – Visgnola – Bellagio

Technical information

Starting point: Bellagio (CO), Lungolago Europa - ferry pier (altitude 200 m)
Arrival point: Bellagio (CO), Lungolago Europa - ferry pier (altitude 200 m)
Elevation gain: 550 m
Elevation loss: 550 m
Maximum altitude reached: 640 m
Overall distance covered: 10.7 Km
Route time excluding stops: approx. 3 hours
Difficulty: T/E (tourist/hiker level)
Recommended period: all year round
Type of route: circular route on paths and low-traffic dirt and asphalt roads
Water along the route: In Guggiate, Piazza Sant'Andrea - In Chevrio village, along the GPS track
Recommended paper maps:
  • Trail map, Larian Triangle Mountain Community – scale 1:25000
  • Lake Como, Global-Map – scale 1:35000
Shelters/Support points outside of built-up areas:
  • La Derta Agritourism, via Teresa Ciceri, 15 – Bellagio – Guggiate.
  • I Drenn di Mazza Sophie, Farm – Bellagio – Chevrio.
  • Trattoria Baita Belvedere – Bellagio –Chevrio.
Waypoints along the track:
  • 01_6 Bellagio, ferry pier – departure and arrival
  • 01_7 Belvedere di Makallé


The route starts in Bellagio near the ferry pier (address: Lungolago Europa).

On the opposite side of the road, a sign indicates the direction to follow: DORSALE – M. S. PRIMO.
Walk in a south-westerly direction along a section of Lungolago Europa as far as the entrance to Villa Melzi.
Continue uphill on Via Paolo Carcano (where you can also park your car free of charge and without time limits).
Once at a crossroads, turn right downhill on Via Melzi D’Eril to reach Loppia, with its characteristic pier.
On the left, you can admire the small Romanesque church of Santa Maria di Loppia. Exit onto the main road (Via Carcano) and continue towards the right to reach the pedestrian crossing; this is Guggiate

Cross the road to Piazza Sant’Andrea, where there is a small church, a fountain and signs indicating MULINI DEL PERLO – CHEVRIO.

Take the small road on the right that heads towards the houses (Via Ciceri).Nearby is another fountain and a little further on, on the left, a CAI (Italian Hiking Club) path reception point – ‘La Derta’ agritourism
Continuing, cross the bridge over Perlo stream.
Take “Vicolo del Selvetto” steps, where the SENTIERO 1 – DORSALE DEL TRIANGOLO LARIANO path begins.
At the asphalt road, keep to the left and climb uphill.Near a derelict house, continue left on the main road.
Behind are splendid views of the Tremezzo mountains, Tremezzina, Mount Grona and Mount Bregagno.
At the top of the climb, to the left, the panorama opens up over the mountains surrounding Lecco, with the summit of Grigna Settentrionale.Pass a helicopter landing pad.
Once past the small village of Cagnanica, continue along the mule track. Ignore a diversion to the right. At the junction with the asphalt road, continue uphill on the mule track in front (following the SENTIERO 1 sign). This is Mulini del Perlo (360 m). Continuing along our route, surrounded by typical drystone walls, walk past a road on the left that leads to a private property and continue straight ahead, following the “SENTIERO 1 – BROGNO” sign. Here the route has some sections with steps that crosses a mixed deciduous and Scots pine forest. Pass the village of Begola and continue along the ridge of the Larian Triangle following a dirt road. Ignore a diversion to the right and continue straight ahead as far as the asphalt road. At a fork in the road, ignore the road to the right that leads to Mount Nuvolone, continuing instead towards the left on the flat road. After a few metres, at the fork, pass the road to the right (Sentiero 1) and stay on the asphalt road (Via Cecilia Mella). Cross a bridge. At the junction with the main asphalt road, keep to the left and descend for a short distance. Immediately after that, take the road on the right that climbs towards CHEVRIO, as indicated by the sign. At a crossroads, where there is a fountain, keep left, following the road for MAKALLÉ – VISGNOLA – BELLAGIO. At the next fork, turn left again, following signs for BELLAGIO. On the right is ‘I drenn di Mazza Sophie’ agritourism and a little further on ‘Baita Belvedere’ trattoria. Nearby is Belvedere di Makallé, which affords magnificent views of the tip of Bellagio, the watershed between the two branches of Lake Como. Continue downhill. When the road takes a 90-degree angle, take the path to the right, thus ignoring the road that continues to the left downhill (barrier sometimes open) and leads to a private property. A little further on, at the crossroads, follow the sign for VISGNOLA-BELLAGIO and then take the right-hand path. At the next fork, keep to the left, following signs for VISGNOLA BELLAGIO – SENTIERO 2. Ignore a diversion on the left and at another fork continue, following the signs to the right for VISGNOLA BELLAGIO – SENTIERO 2. When you come across another path, keep to the right downhill. Once out of the forest, walk alongside several private properties and descend along a small staircase. At the asphalt road, turn right and at the next crossroads turn right again, following signs for VISGNOLA. Pass the church of Santa Maria Annunciata and take Via Parrocchiale to reach the centre of Visgnola.
At a small square, turn left into Via Nuova. Near the crossroads, take the underpass and follow the cobbled road that leads downhill back to Bellagio.

At the petrol station, cross the road and turn left onto Via Alessandro Volta (signs for REGATOLA – TARONICO).
A little further on, on the right, is ‘Antica Latteria di Bellagio’, a sales point where it is possible to buy milk, cheese and typical products.
Turn right into Via Lazzaretto and cross Villa Giulia Avenue. Head onto Vicolo Lazzaretto (next to the Carabinieri barracks), then turn right.
At the asphalt road, turn left.
At the crossroads, continue straight on Via Torre Tasso and follow signs for AUREGGIO.
At the next crossroads, keep to the right (Via Aureggio) and at the main road, continue towards the left.
After reaching the Romanesque church of San Giorgio, take the steps that pass right under the bell tower (Via Enrico Genazzini) and lead back to the ferry pier.

Lago di Como inLombardia Comune di Bellagio