Bellagio Trekking 1

Brogno – Belvedere del Nuvolone – Monte Nuvolone – Bocchetta del Nuvolone – Brogno

Technical information

Starting point: Bellagio (CO), Brogno (altitude 590 m.)
Arrival point: Bellagio (CO), Brogno (altitude 590 m.)
Elevation gain: 515 m
Elevation loss: 555 m
Maximum altitude reached: 1,092 m
Overall distance covered: 7 km
Route time excluding stops: approx. 2 hours 15 minutes
Difficulty: E (hiker level)
Recommended period: from March to November
Type of route: circular route on paths and dirt roads
Water along the route: no
Recommended paper maps:
  • Trail map, Larian Triangle Mountain Community – scale 1:25000
  • Lake Como, Global-Map – scale 1:35000
Shelters/Support points outside of built-up areas:


Waypoints along the track:
  • 01_15 Brogno Dorsale 1 – trail junction – departure and arrival
  • 01_16 Belvedere del Nuvolone
  • 01_18 Belvedere over Bellagio
  • 01_17 Mount Nuvolone 1,092 m.


Our excursion begins in Brogno at the end of Via Cecilia Mella, near several houses.
Here, ignore the first turning to the left with signposts and continue on the asphalt road for 40 metres.
Take the uphill concrete road on the left (which then becomes a dirt road) with signs for “BELVEDERE DEL NUVOLONE – DORSALE PER CRESTA – SENTIERO 39 (400)”.
After a short flat section in the forest, leave the dirt road and take the path to the left which leads uphill, following signs for “BELVEDERE NUVOLONE – RIFUGIO MARTINA – SENTIERO 39”.
In the next stretch, do not leave the main path and continue uphill.
After passing through a chestnut forest, we reach a crossing on a path that is marked, but somewhat exposed. From here, there are magnificent views of the tip of Bellagio and the upper part of Lake Como.
A little further on, ignore an uphill track to the right and stay on the path that bends to the left, initially slightly downhill then over undulating terrain.
You will then have to tackle a steep section to reach Belvedere del Nuvolone, at an altitude of 1,007 metres.
From here, the views of Lake Como are magnificent; the tip of Bellagio is also clearly visible.
Shortly after the Belvedere, ignore a turning to the right and continue on the level path.
On the left there is another viewpoint over Bellagio.
Upon reaching a ruin with some signs, turn right and in about 15 minutes you can reach the summit of Mount Nuvolone (not panoramic) and return to the same spot.
From the ruin, continue left downhill (if descending from the top of Mount Nuvolone, turn right before the ruin).
After passing two small derelict buildings and a short downhill section over rocky terrain, you reach a small cave in the rock known as the “Madonna del Fungiatt”.
At Bocchetta del Nuvolone, where there is a crossroads of signposted paths, continue on level ground to the left towards RIFUGIO MARTINA – MONTE SAN PRIMO – DORSALE PER CRESTA.
Ignore the path that descends to the left into the forest.
After 30 metres, leave the path to Rifugio Martina, keeping to the left in the meadow, and pass a mountain lodge on the right.
Continue on level ground through the meadow, passing several other lodges.
Continue on the main path (437) indicated by painted signs and ignore the diversions on the left.
The path leads onto a dirt road along which you should continue.
When you reach the asphalt road, turn left in the direction of ROVENZA – BELLAGIO – SENTIERO 1(406).
At the first hairpin bend, leave the asphalt road and continue straight ahead on the dirt road, following directions for BROGNO and the painted signs.
At a fork in the road, continue downhill to the right.
At the first bend, leave the road and turn left following SENTIERO 1A (406) – BROGNO – BELLAGIO, which enters a spruce forest.
Further on, pass a small cluster of houses (Gravedona) and a small gate (remember to close it again).
Then descend to the right and walk along the edge of a meadow to reach a dirt road.
Turn right.
At the gate, turn left in front of the small chapel and continue following signs for BELLAGIO – DORSALE DEL TRIANGOLO LARIANO – SENTIERO 1 (406).
Follow a fence until you enter a small valley and continue downhill into the forest.
Continue along this dirt road until you reach Brogno.

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