Bellagio Trekking 2

Civenna – Civenna 2 – Gallasco – Regina Pacis – Civenna

Technical information

Starting point: Civenna (CO), Bellavista Park Via Provinciale (altitude 630 m)
Arrival point: Civenna (CO), Bellavista Park Via Provinciale (altitude 630 m)
Elevation gain: 370 m
Elevation loss: 370 m
Maximum altitude reached: 820 m
Overall distance covered: 8,8 km
Route time excluding stops: approx. 2 hours 30 minutes
Difficulty: T/E (tourist/hiker level)
Recommended period: all year round
Type of route: circular route on paths, dirt tracks and low-traffic asphalt roads
Water along the route: no
Recommended paper maps:
  • Trail map, Larian Triangle Mountain Community – scale 1:25000
  • Lake Como, Global-Map – scale 1:35000
Shelters/Support points outside of built-up areas:
  • Apicoltura GaGi Cascine Gallasco, 9 Guello – Bellagio.
  • Cascina Prada Agritourism, Costa Prada, 15 – Bellagio.
  • Giarabub Farm, Costa Prada – Bellagio.
Waypoints along the track:
  • 01_8 Civenna Bellavista Park – departure and arrival
  • 01_9 vantage point
  • 01_10 Regina Pacis
  • 01_2 Cross of Civenna


The departure point of this circular route is in Civenna at Bellavista Park, where parking is available.

Walk through the park along the balcony, which has splendid views of the Lecco branch of Lake Como and the Grigne mountain range.

At the end of the balcony, take the path to the right that crosses a meadow and then enters the forest (417).

This leads to a vantage point with views of the lake and mountains. The path, which has steps in places, continues downhill into the deciduous forest.

Continue along some gentle climbs and descents.

At a meadow, leave behind a turning for CIVENNA BASSA – SENTIERO DEL TIVANO, then continue straight on, along a dirt road, as far as several houses that herald the arrival in the hamlet of Gorla. Pass through an initial group of houses and cross the asphalt road.

Turn right. On the right is Cascina Gorla, a complex that in the past was a meeting place, especially for the elderly, between the villages of Civenna and Limonta. On the façade of the farmhouse is a recent fresco depicting Saint Anthony Abbot. The fresco of Garibaldi on the north wall of the farmhouse on the other hand, was painted by a partisan who hid here during the war, dreaming of freedom, and is presumably dated 1944-1945.

Continue along Via Gorla, past the “Civenna 2” residential complex and after passing the tennis court, take the road that descends to the right (hiking signs) to reach access to a private property (402).

At a barrier, avoid the entrance to the private property by taking a narrow path downhill between the trees on the right.

After passing a small stream (Valle di Voglia), continue straight, following signs towards LIMONTASCA.

Walk alongside the waterway for a stretch, guided by some painted signs. There is also a signpost marking the crossing of the provincial boundary. After leaving behind the clearing, the trail continues uphill through a mixed deciduous forest.

On reaching the dirt road, keep to the left in the direction of GUELLO, leaving behind signs for Sentiero del Tivano.

At the next fork, turn right, still following signs for GUELLO (421).

Pass some private properties and skirting one of them, descend a small staircase.

Shortly after the staircase, turn right and enter a meadow, reaching a vantage point (bench) from where there are magnificent views of Lake Como and the surrounding mountains, in particular Mount Legnone.

Retrace your steps and return onto the dirt road.

After passing two huge beech trees and a bench, the trail soon leads to Guello.

At the provincial road, turn left and continue along it for about 30 metres.

Then turn right into the first road you come across.

On the left, you can admire a centuries-old chestnut tree that stands on private property. Continue on an asphalt road and turn right at the first crossroads (421).

A little further on is Gallasco and on the right, “GaGi” farm, which has a shop selling honey.

At the first fork, continue straight on. On a clear day, on the right it is possible to see the Tremezzo mountains, and Mount Grona in the distance.

Further on, is Regina Pacis church on our left (built in memory of the fallen soldiers of the 1915-1918 war).

Continue on the right along an asphalt road, then turn left at the fork, following signs indicating LOCALITÁ PRADA.

Ignore the turning to the right that leads to ‘Cascina Prada’ agritourism and stay on Via Costa Prada. At the end of the concrete ramp, continue straight ahead on the path that runs between two private entrances.

At the cobbled road, keep to the right and follow directions to CASCINA GIACINTA (404).

On the left is “Giarabub” Farm, which has bed and breakfast facilities and sells fruits of the forest.

At the last house, the road ends. Continue along a path, bordered on the left by a characteristic drystone wall (404).

After crossing a meadow, turn left at the road and follow signs for CAPANNA GIACINTA – CIVENNA.

At the next fork, keep to the left and head downhill, following signs for ALZ – CAMPO.

A little further on, take the turning on the right, following signs for CIVENNA. Then take the Tronca path (412) , along which it is possible to make a short detour to the left to reach the Cross of Civenna (altitude 720 m), a panoramic viewpoint over the village of Civenna and Lake Como.

Retrace your steps and continue to descend along the mule track. At the asphalt road, descend to the left along Via Dante.

At the washhouse, continue along Via Formicosa and then turn left into Via Roma.

At the next fork, turn right into Via Prato, passing under a portico. These are the historic narrow streets of Civenna.

At the asphalt road, turn left and continue as far as Bellavista Park, our departure point.

Please note that from Bellavista Park it is possible to reach “Ettore Foschi Panoramic Walk” and then the Big Bench in Civenna in just a few minutes, following the specific signs.

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