Bellagio Trekking 5

From Visgnola to Civenna along SENTIERO DEL TIVANO

Technical information

Starting point: Bellagio (CO), Visgnola - Church of Santa Maria Annunciata. Altitude 320 m.
Arrival point: Civenna (CO), Big Bench (BIG BENCH) in Via Greè. Altitude 596 m.
Elevation gain: 470 m
Elevation loss: 180 m
Maximum altitude reached: 615 m
One way distance covered: 6 km
Route time excluding stops: approx. 2 hours
Difficulty: E/T (hiker level, tourist level in places)
Recommended period: from March to November
Type of route: on paths, dirt roads and low-traffic asphalt roads
Water along the route: no
Recommended paper maps:
  • Trail map, Larian Triangle Mountain Community – scale 1:25000
  • Lake Como, Global-Map – scale 1:35000
Shelters/Support points outside of built-up areas:


Waypoints along the track:
  • 01_11 Visgnola, Church of Santa Maria Annunciata – departure
  • 01_12 vantage point
  • 01_13 Madonna di Greè
  • 01_14 Big Bench – arrival


Our excursion begins in Visgnola (Bellagio) near the Church of Santa Maria Annunciata (parking available nearby).

From the church, reach the provincial road (Via Valassina) and turn left, walking 100 metres uphill.

Here there are steps and a sign indicating SENTIERO 27 DEL TIVANO.

Climb the steps and walk alongside a private property before taking the path into the forest.

Shortly afterwards, at a fork in the road in a chestnut grove, ignore the path going straight ahead and follow the turning to the left.

Continue uphill and at the next crossroads (signposted), keep to the left, following directions for LIMONTA – CIVENNA SENTIERO 27.

A little further on, follow signs for SENTIERO 27 DEL TIVANO, staying on the level path and ignoring other turnings and painted signs on the right.

Reach a vantage point overlooking the Lecco branch of Lake Como, the Grigne mountain group and, further on the right, Mount Moregallo and the Corni di Canzo.

Continuing, the well-marked path skirts the fence of a private property (we would like to point out a short, exposed stretch in this section, which must be crossed with great care – if you have children with you, take them by the hand).

Ignore a turning to the right for Chevrio and continue on SENTIERO 27 DEL TIVANO.

When you come to a derelict building, turn left downhill and follow signs for CIVENNA – LIMONTASCA.

A few metres after a fence there is a sign: ignore the turning to the left for Limonta and continue straight ahead. At a concrete road, cross it and continue in the same direction.

Ignore the turning to the right for Guello – Masso Avello and continue straight on past a derelict building.

About 10 metres further on, continue straight, ignoring the turning to the left for Limonta.

At a large meadow, keep to the right following the signs and entering a short stretch of forest.

Exit into the same meadow and continue until you reach some dwellings.

After the first few houses in the village of Limontasca, turn left at the fork and thanks to a very short detour (follow signs for LIMONTA), you will reach a vantage point with splendid views of Lake Como and the surrounding mountains.

Retrace your steps in the direction of CIVENNA and continue along the dirt road.
At a bend, just after leaving the village, there is a signpost: follow signs for CIVENNA – LIMONTA, leaving the dirt road and continuing on the path downhill through the forest.

Skirting a waterway, reach the signs located near a mountain lodge.

Follow signs for CIVENNA – SENTIERO 21 (no longer path no. 27).

Continue uphill alongside a drystone wall (on the edge of a private property) and, having reached the asphalt road, turn left into Via Gorla.

After passing Cascina Gorla, take the cement road to the left, signposted CIVENNA.

At the end of the road, continue through the meadow to a fork in the road.

Ignoring the sign to the right for Civenna, follow the CIVENNA BASSA – SENTIERO DEL TIVANO sign to the left.

Reach another fork and then continue straight ahead.

On the left, pass a typical milk shed near which there is a fresh water spring. At a private property, cross it by passing through a small gate (remember to close it after you) and continue along a dirt road.

After coming out onto the asphalt road, continue right uphill (Via Lotario) and at the first bend, take the small staircase on the left as indicated by the painted sign (Via Tommaso Grossi).

At the end of the staircase, turn left and, following the painted signs, continue straight along Via Stelvio.

Pass an old washhouse on the right and turn left, passing under an arch (Via Volta): signs for MADONNA DI GREÉ AND PANORAMICA ETTORE FOSCHI. At the end of the panoramic road, on the right, stands the small 16th-century church of Madonna di Greé.

Continuing downhill on the asphalt road, leads in just a few minutes to the Big Bench in Civenna.

At the first fork, turn left into Via Greé.

A little further to the left is the Big Bench, a vantage point and the end of our trip.

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