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Bellagio - Churches

In Bellagio there is a big amount of Churches, some are open for visits, some are closed.

Please have a look at the details for each Church before visiting

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Bellagio - S. Maria Annunciata di Breno Church

There’s a legend about why this church was built: A lord of the Castle (the present-day Villa Serbelloni) used to travel every day from Borgo to Visgnola. He would stop and...

Bellagio - S. Maria di Loppia Church

The Church of St. Maria of Loppia has features of remarkable antiquity; the shape of the windows and of the apse, the absence of decorations and the material of execution make...

Bellagio - San Giacomo Church

Stupendous example of the Roman-Lombard art (XII cent.), built between 1075 and 1125 by the Masters of Como. Inside mosaics of the early '900, rich altar of the end of '500, a...

Bellagio - San Giorgio Church

The building is in Romanesque style, with the typical features of Lombardy and more precisely of the Lake of  Como. There is no document fixing the exact foundation date,...

Bellagio - San Giovanni Church

We know very little about this church that was the first one erected in the Bellagio land. In 1785 it was enlarged and restored, and it assumed the shapes that still nowadays...

Bellagio - San Martino Church

The Church of San Martino is dedicated to Saint Martin Bishop and St. Mary of the Rosary. It is a perfect example of 15th century architecture with alterations dating back to...

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Bellagio - Churches


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