Trekking Bellagio | Promo Bellagio... the Pearl of Lake Como

Trekking Bellagio

The promontory of Bellagio is ideal for outdoor and sports holidays 

For trekking and walking lovers,  on the promontory there are many paths and routes of different difficulty, from simple walks for amateurs to the most demanding ones.
Small paths in the middle of woods and pine forests that then widen and cross meadows and cultivated fields, passing through villages and farmhouses of ancient construction with a traditional look.
The landscape certainly plays an important role, both on one side and on the other side of the mountain, up to the top, where you forget the effort made in front of the extraordinary beauty that nature offers us. And it is right here, on top of the mountain that you can sit quietly for a break and to enjoy one of the most beautiful landscape in the world.

Discover and follow our itineraries to regenerate body and spirit!

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Bellagio Trekking Route 1

Guggiate - Brogno - Rovenza - S. Primo Park - Bocchetta di Terrabiotta   Starting Point: Guggiate Elevation gain: 1155 m   Total time: 4h  Difficulty: E = easy...

Bellagio Trekking Route 16

Vassena - Civenna - PianoRancio - Alpe Spessola Starting Point: Vassena Elevation gain: 1150 m  Total time: 3h 40 min  Difficulty: E = medium difficulty hike The...

Bellagio Trekking Route 2

Visgnola – Makallè Viewpoint - Chèvrio - Regina Pacis - Cascina Giacinta - Sasso Lentina - Parco Monte S. Primo - Alpe Spessola   Punto di partenza: Visgnola Dislivello...

Bellagio Trekking Route 39

Brogno – Nuvolone Viewpoint – Martina Refuge - S. Primo Peak – Bocchetta Terrabiotta   Starting Point: Brogno Elevation gain: 1089 m  Elevation loss: - 311 m...

Bellagio Trekking Route 5

S. Giovanni - Vergonese - Brogno - Chévrio   Starting point: S. Giovanni Elevation gain: 390 m  Total time: 1h 5 min  Difficulty: E = easy hike   Leave your car in...

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Trekking Bellagio

Piazza della Chiesa 14 - 22021 Bellagio CO

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